They Aren’t Just Black Problems, They Are American Problems - Part I & II

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They Are not Just Black Problems, They Are American Problems
By Dell Gines

One of the common themes in America is to focus exclusively on issues of race and negative statistics to the exclusion of America as a whole and say, “See it is a Black problem!” How often has the press, pundit and politician used the out of wedlock birthrate for Blacks, the incarceration rate for Blacks and other negative statistics or trends for Blacks used to buttress the argument of how bad Blacks are in America? Some have assigned this obsession of pointing out negative trends amongst Blacks to the age old American phenomenon of identifying Black as bad and everything else as good or at least gets a pass. Others have assigned this phenomenon to a political ploy by both liberals and conservatives to either maintain Black support, or to scare a conservative base. The problem with the whole phenomenon though is that it attempts to A) separate Blacks from America and B) ignores or at lease gives little attention to very real American problems that are not exclusively Black problems.

Part I – America and Incarceration
An AP report that came out November 30th, 2006 by Kasie Hunt titled, 7 million in prison, probation or parole, we find that:

A record 7 million people — or one in every 32 American adults — were behind bars, on probation or on parole by the end of last year, according to the Justice Department. Of those, 2.2 million were in prison or jail, an increase of 2.7 percent over the previous year, according to a report released Wednesday.

From 1995 to 2003, inmates in federal prison for drug offenses have accounted for 49 percent of total prison population growth.


“Christian” Coalition?

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Christian Coalition pres.-elect leaves written today:

The president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America has declined the job, saying the organization wouldn’t let him expand its agenda beyond opposing abortion and gay marriage.

The Rev. Joel Hunter, who was scheduled to take over the socially conservative group in January from Roberta Combs, said he had hoped to focus on issues such as poverty and the environment.

“These are issues that Jesus would want us to care about,” said Hunter, a senior pastor at Northland Church in Longwood, Fla.

According to Hunter:

They pretty much said, ‘These issues are fine, but they’re not our issues, that’s not our base,’” Hunter said.

If indeed this coalition is “Christian” then why would these core tenents of “Christianity” not be relevant to the base of the Coalition? Indeed, abortion and gay rights are important hot button issues, but the principle message of Christ and the principle targets of his earthly ministry were the sick and the lost. So is the “Christian” coalition really “Christian” or is a simply a special interest coalition of people who are anti-abortion and against gay marriage?

OJ Simpson - A Testament to American Hypocrisy

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Did OJ do it? Most likely. Did he get away with it? Seems like it. Should he be able to sell his book? Of course! Oops I meant of course not. It seems that public backlash and PR pressure has caused the publisher of the Simpson book to renege on the OJ Simpson deal and no longer publish the book. This is a complete illumination of the hypocrisy of America and the news media. According to in a report called, Murdoch cancels OJ Simpson book:

After days of criticism, Rupert Murdoch has cancelled a book in which OJ Simpson was to discuss how he might have murdered his ex-wife Nicole more than a decade ago.

The public were outraged the minute the deal was done. It was the next chapter in one of America’s most controversial murders. OJ Simpson was going to describe how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend in 1994, if he’d done it. He was also going to detail his hypothetical murder plans in a television interview.

Most of you recall the must see TV of the Simpson case from day one. The white Bronco and the slow chase, Mark Furman and his racially epitheted laced detective history, goofy Kato, and of course the brilliance of the late Johnny Cochran and “if the glove doesn’t fit”. The news showed concentrated footage hour after hour after hour, and a divided nation watched as the ‘not guilty’ verdict was read. (more…)

Throwing Out A Pitch - Black Folks & Progress

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Let me throw a pitch to you and see if you can hit it.

What if I told you Barry Bonds is a terrible baseball player because he gets out 70% of the time. What would your response be? Would you be like, damn man, Barry sucks, 7 out of every 10 times he is at bat he gets out…he is so weak. Or would it be like, damn man, 3 out of 10 times Barry hits a homerun or gets on base, that makes him a helluva baseball player.

My point is that statistics are all contextual. The problem I have with most individuals that discuss black folks, is not that they point out the negative statistics, but that A) They don’t point out enough of ALL of the statistics to get a holistic view of black folks, and B) They don’t apply context to the statistics.

We know in baseball because of the context of the game and other players that if barry is hitting .300 he is doing a pretty good job. Right? We know that by evaluating the quality of his opponents, and those who came before him that did the same thing.

Now if we look at black folks and I say, well DAMN, look at all of these statistics that contextually show dramatic conditional improvement over the last 40 to 60 years, does that mean that the “strike outs” outweigh the “hits”? Obviously in baseball the object is to strike out less and get more hits, this is why you have hitting coaches, practice, AAA leagues etc. To help improve skills. So no one is saying black folks don’t need to improve in many areas, particularly the areas of economic control. But to simultaneously say that black folks are terrible, are endangered, etc. without looking at the whole context of black folks in America is simply not good analysis.

Ward Connerly Affirmative Action & The KKK

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It was brought up on the other thread about Ward Connerly and his active acceptance of the KKK in his push to eliminate Affirmative Action. The following is a video clip of his defense.

In the past I have routinely written about the so-called, “Black Concussed Conservatives“. These are individuals in a nutshell who garner their emotional, mentally and often economic satisfaction from rejecting much of the philosophy of the grassroots average black on race and politics. Ward Connerly is an example of this type of philosophy. The formation of his group the America Civil Rights Institution, whose initial purpose for beginning was to eliminate Affirmative Action. According to Wikipedia,

He is also the founder and the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, a national non-profit organization aimed at educating the public about the problems created by racial and gender preferences [1]. He is considered to be the man behind the controversial California’s Proposition 209 outlawing race and gender-based preferences in state hiring and state university admissions, widely known as affirmative action.

But is Connerly even qualified to be called a black concussed conservative?

Connerly says he is only ¼ Black with the rest a mix of Irish, French, and Choctaw.

In the end it is always difficult to read the intent of someones heart. Are they sincere in their belief that what they are doing is for the best? Or does that matter? Well in my opinion sincerity and internal belief’s don’t matter, it is what you do and the impact that it has that matters.

Connerly has demonstrated who and what he is about by his actions, he is anti-black, and has created iniatives exclusively to demonstrate that fact. In his defense and embrace of the KKK he has also demonstrated how concussed he really is.

Let’s Really Talk Obama

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Ok, I have read alot about Barack Obama lately and his potential bid for presidency. I want to toss this one out to the board:

1. What are his chances realistically
2. What would his REAL impact be for black americans
3. Do you think he would get assissinated
4. Is he a real change agent or a standard liberal
5. Why do you think he got so popular so fast

Classic Repost - It’s Not the Party You Are in, It’s the Color of Your Skin

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This post is only for the big dogs…little woofers stay home. This one never got as much conversation as I had hoped. Let’s see what happens this time around.

Our Votes Our Logic

Yes, a heck of a lot of us vote democrat. We do it the same reason anyone votes for anybody, because we feel they will represent your best interest. We line the two parties up side by side, and theorize as to which party will, if elected, represent our best interest. With our ballot, we show that WE BELIEVE democrats will create policies that are much more conducive to our improvement as a race of people. Even though our rationale for voting democrat is normal and logical, the question must be asked as to whether this logic has lead to the improvement the promise of a democratic vote said it would bring.

I ask this question because I hear so many arguments by us, laymen and leader alike, that the Republican party is the devil, and that so many of our problems were caused by Republicans and the Republican party. But does this belief that we hold stand up to objective scrutiny? Let me try to find out.

Innovators of Violence: Tom & Jerry

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I was watching Tom & Jerry this morning before work and me and my wife got to talking. The nature of our conversation was on how violent that cartoon actually is. Last week when I was watching, Tom (the cat) was taking a nap and Jerry (the mouse) kept tricking him into thinking he was trying to commit suicide in his sleep. In one scene Tom had a gun placed in his hand by Jerry, and when he was startled awake pulled the trigger and almost blew his own head off, in another scene he had a noose around his neck, and another a knife in his hand.

When I watched it this morning, Tom was chasing Jerry, and tried to kill him with everything from a gun to a frying pan. If you have ever watched the show you have seen all forms of violence inacted between the two.

As I reflect back on my kiddo days when I used to watch this show, I began to think of one thing, isn’t it amazing how I was a relatively non-violent kid? Even though I watched all of those violent shows, watched all of those violent action movies, I have never had a gun nor used one, got in relatively few fights, and have no overwhelming violent tendencies today.

Then I began to think about hip hop, and how we are so eager to lay blame on it for violence and mysogeny. I have come to this conclusion, if Tom & Jerry didn’t make me want to kill a mouse or a cat, myself or you, would rap music really make me want to kill someone down the block?

I don’t think so…so maybe we need to not be so hard on Hip Hop and focus more of our attention on the families and family structures of those who actually DO do Tom & Jerry like violence in our communities.

My General Vision for Black America

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Since MIB put me on the spot here is my off the cuff general four point vision for Black America:

1. Vertical control over key areas of profitable business locally and globally (ala, Powernomics)
2. Community control over neighborhoods where we predominate (ala, Jeffersonian political modeling)
3. The most powerful special interest group in America politically
4. Active participants in the global community leveraging our voice for third world disenfranchised countries

The fourth piece is acknowledged to be my own sentiment but I think our history gives us a perspective that can change the world if we have the resources to back it.

Creating a Black SWOT Analysis

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For those of you who have studied business, you have probably at some time or another ran across the concept of a SWOT analysis. For those who haven’t, a SWOT analysis is used in business often times in a business plan, or marketing plan to assess a company’s STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS. It is usually used to asses the company’s position in the marketplace and areas where they can improve, or areas where they can exploit a new market.

I believe the same thing can be done in respect to us as blacks in America. So today, I am going to put it out there for us to start building a SWOT analysis for the black race in America. I will start it off with a few:

Strengths: Resilience, ability to achieve against the odds, collectively large income, highly visible positions in the sports & entertainment industry

Weaknesses: Lack of assets, per capita lower income, lack of power in critical government and corporate positions

Opportunities: Globalism can be exploited, greater access to higher education and capital acquisition, density in inner-cities can lead to synergies

Threats: Racism/classisms reduction stagnating, inability to exploit globalism, growing divide between the poor and middle class

What you got?

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