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Note: This post was prompted by Rasferengi

Brother Brown used to get on me a while back, and probably deservedly so for overly concentrating on LaShawn Barber. I was dogging her out routinely for my perception that she was a little overtly accepting of certain ideologies I find ludicrous and offensive on race. Have I changed my feelings on her, or her philosophy, poor writing, and illogical arguments and critiques of blacks? I have not changed one iota. However what I have done is matured in once sense and expanded my perspective in another.

I have matured in that I don’t find it necessary to attack individuals indirectly or directly anymore unless it serves me in advancing my holistic goal for the black community and for the poor. In other words neither she nor those like her (Michele Malkin, Armstrong Williams, and Mychal Massie) add anything nor detract anything from the things I personally accomplish, nor the arguments I present, nor the organizations I organize. Although any time any of them want to debate me on any subject in regard to race I will soundly chew their ass like a flesh eating beaver I reject providing them as a rule free publicity (this is the last pub they get folks unless YOU write about them). See, these types thrive on their contrarian views and therefore any publicity they get positive or negative serves to empower them. So I will only empower them when it empowers me. (more…)


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What is going on people, I am back in the house. I am prepping to move the site to the new domain name next week and then we will pick up the pace again and start recruiting more visitors.

New Blog - Field Negro

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Wayne Bennett has a new blog - - > The Field Negro at

Check it out when you get a chance.

I Am Putting Out The Adequate Defense Book

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What I am going to do is compile about 30 Essays from when we opened, edit them, put them in book form, with the essays first and then a “What Others Said” section on the end with some of you alls comments. I am going to sell it and use the proceeds to support my economic development corporation.

I will let you know when it is done, I am going to self publish it, so unlike the poetry book, it probably won’t be on Amazon.

End of Blog - Best of Thread

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Throughout the day I will be putting links on this post to the best post, from mine to guest post. If you have a suggesion for one drop it in the comment section.

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New Blog Roll Link - Businesses

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I added a new blog roll link for black businesses…

Currently I only have Steve’s site, on there. If you have a black business you want linked holla holla.

Hip Hop: Point Counter Point

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Head on over to The Struggle Within - Malik’s site, where we have done a point counter point on hip hop and what should be done about it.

Also stay tuned, this afternoon I will be posting Jan’s first guest blog!

***UPDATE: I know many of you have blogs, if you want me to blog roll you, and introduce your blog, let me know, either in here or email -

Year End Blogroll Showcase

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Today is the day for my three intellectual brothers.

Rashid Muhammad, is dropping science over at his spot. Rashid comes from an urban perspective on all issues, and has gotten into podcasting, and always brings up good topics from a non-polarized, critically minded perspective. Check out his last post on the word Nigga, and Hip Hop. Great stuff.

Then there is my man Malik at the Struggle Within. Malik has a delightful, and distinctly more spiritual/intellectual perspective on many of his post that is refreshing and thought provoking. He often ads that esoteric element to his post and commentary that we often lose nowadays. Check it out.

Year End Blogroll Showcase

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Booker Rising in my opinion is one of the best moderate conservative, right wing conservative news / blog compilations. She routinely brings post from well known writers as well as lessor known bloggers who discuss issues from a variety of perspectives. A moderate herself, Shay does a good job of keeping the site well focused and balanced.

Cobb, the founder of the Conservative Brotherhood, writes some of the best and most reflective pieces on the net. Here is the interview we did at Honestly out of all the individuals within the Conservative Brotherhood (click that link for the CB website) he should probably be the one with the highest traffic. The reason he is not is because he actually forces an individual to think through the issues as opposed to simply touting party lines. He has recently slightly switched his format and style to encompass more social topics as well and it looks great. Check out his last post, The Kwanzaa Counter Attack in which he a celebrator of Kwanzaa offers an insightful perspective on those who attack the holiday.

Year End Blogroll Showcase

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Yes, I have a great blogroll, this week I will be showcasing them two a day. Today, since we have made ammends and it is nice to see her back, we will first Showcase Mahndisa Rigmaiden, the hostess of Mahndisa’s Thoughts.

Mahndisa first of all is an excellent writer, and has precise and factually supported arguments. She has a wide range of topics that she covers, ranging from abortion, a recent post on African Trade Liberalization. A self-proclaimed independent, she tends to be critical of both parties, and she does so with an even kealed perspective. Since I have known her, her blog has increased in popularity due to her great writing and her rational and well thought out view. She also has a great and pleasant personality. So make sure you visit Mahndisa. She is one of my favorites.

My second showcase of the day is my main man James Manning at Peace On That. When I first started blogging James has a nice and small blog. He had very solid material but wasn’t getting the traffic that I thought he should. He has since upgraded his site, and it is really jumping off now, but the quality of the post has always been there so it is great to see people recognizing it now. James discusses a wide range of topics from personal, to sports, to political which is why his site is so great. He is a little left of center on the political spectrum but has an open and critical mind. His recent post is a list of his Top Ten Christmas Gifts. Check out his blog, it is great!

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