The Characteristics Of Picaninnies: By Chance

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Chance writes: The book titled The Birth of a Nation set the standard for cinematic anti-Black images. All of the major Black caricatures are in the movie, including, mammies, sambos, toms, picaninnies, coons, beasts, and tragic mulattos. The depictions of Lydia (black parent and one white parent therefore, making Lydia a mulatto) — a cold-hearted, hateful seductress — and Silas Lynch (mulatto) — a power hungry, sex-obsessed criminal — were early examples of the pathologies supposedly inherent in blacks.

The Characteristics Of Picaninnies
By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Picaninnies as portrayed in material culture of America have skin coloring ranging from medium brown to dark black – light skinned picaninnies are very rare. Picaninnies come in all ages, they include infants (babies) and teenagers; however, most picaninnies appear to be 8 t0 10 years old. Picaninnies are both boys and girls the girls often have their hair plaited in short plaits and the plaits point in all directions. And sometimes picaninny girls have matted hair; their hair is matted because it has not been comb in a long while. Picaninny boys often are bald (no hair) and their heads shine like metal. These picaninnies have often been portrayed as having big large-wide eyes with the white part being very white, very oversized red lips, real white teeth, medium brown or very dark black skin, and oversized mouths — the oversized mouths were to accommodate huge pieces of watermelon.

These picaninny black children were poorly dressed and un-kept physically — they wore torn ragged clothes and the clothes were oversized. Also, in some caricatures picaninny children are shown semi-nude. This nudity also was a suggestion that black parents do not love their children enough to teach them modesty. A parent who loves and cares about a child would never let that child go out into society half nude and with out decent clothing. This neglect implies that blacks are less civilized than whites. Whites are known to be civilized and wear clothes. The nudity presents another problem, and that is it sexualizes black children. When black children are viewed as sexualized at a young age it opens up the possibility — that black children are so irrelevant and animal like that it is ok and alright for adults to sexually abuse them. In some caricatures black children are shown totally nude with their genitalia and buttocks exposed – and often with no shame. Often the buttocks are oversized. (more…)

Caterwauling Dissonance By BT

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Caterwauling Dissonance


This is highly political – so Ray and MiniME, don’t get your knickers in a wad!

Let me start this discussion by saying I have a 33 Album collection of near 1,000, a 45 collection of over 500, and a CD collection of close to 500 Albums. I have two complete “serious” stereo systems – one set up to play CD’s, and second designed around the old 33 Albums. My CD system is Denon, Nakamichi, JBL Towers. My 33 Album system is vacuum tube based, feeding an outer set of small refrigerator sized Klipshhorns , an inner set of Klipsh Cornwall II’s, along with a custom designed subwoofer system…

For fun (and profit) in the late 70’s through mid 80’s, I designed audio systems ranging from 5,000 watts through 20,000+ watts for discos as a consultant.

A good friend and I once connived 15 minutes of free supercomputer time on 4 Crays to design an acoustically flat room for his house for his Crown systems and Voice of the Theatre Speakers (I prefer Conrad Johnson, and old Macintosh). (more…)

Blacks, Skin-tone, And The Death Penalty By Chance, Chancellorfiles

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Chance writes: New research by a group university professors revealed that blacks who have predominantly black features example dark skin, full lips, larger nose, etc are more likely to receive the death penalty than blacks with less predominantly black features. The professors did good detailed research before they came to their conclusion.

Blacks, Skin-tone, And The Death Penalty
By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: Among blacks does skin tone sometimes play a role in which blacks will get the death penalty?

published in the May 2006 edition of Psychological Science Professors from Stanford, UCLA, Yale, and Cornell, led by Prof. Jennifer Eberhardt, examines whether a black defendant on trial for murder is likely to be sentenced to death if he has stereotypical black features. These stereotypical black features are darker skin, larger nose, and fuller lips.

The researchers from the various universities came to the conclusion based upon their research that a black defendant with stereotypical black appearance (darker skin, fuller lips, and large nose) is more likely to get the death penalty for killing a white person. Wherefore, black people with less stereotypical black features get the death penalty less when accused of killing a white person.

The researchers used more than 600 death eligible cases from Philadelphia in which the defendant was black, and charged with killing a white person. The researchers found that black defendants who looked stereotypically black received the death penalty 57.5% (out of 100% they received the death penalty 57.5%) for killing a white person, and black defendants who looked less stereotypically black received the death penalty only 24.4% (out of 100% they received the death penalty 24.4%) for killing a white person.
Students from Stanford University noticed and rated the degree of stereotypical features in photos of black male defendants from Philadelphia who received the death penalty — that most were blacks with darker skin, larger noses, and fuller lips. (more…)

When you ain’t got no money, you gotta get an attitude - By BT

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“When you ain’t got no money, you gotta get an attitude.” – Richard Pryor


This one got me going yesterday when I read it, guys. Just another instance in this country where out-of-control ideological racist politics trumps common sense.

25 Years after Raygun’s black “Welfare Queen” we still have Rethuglys punishing the poor.

Welfare Changes A Burden To States

Work Rules Also Threaten Study, Health Programs

By Amy Goldstein

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, August 7, 2006; Page A01

Having grown up on welfare, Rochelle Riordan had vowed never to ask for a government handout. That was before her hard-drinking husband kicked her and their young daughter out of their house near Lewiston, Maine, leaving her with a $300 bank account, a bad job market and a 15-year-old car held together in spots with duct tape.

Maine’s welfare agency, she heard, was offering help for poor parents to go to college full time. With the state paying for day care and $513 a month in living expenses, Riordan, 37, has been on the dean’s list every semester at the University of Southern Maine, expecting to graduate and start a social work career next spring. But this summer, her plans — and Maine’s Parents as Scholars program — suddenly are on shaky ground; under new federal rules, studying for a bachelor’s degree no longer counts by itself as an acceptable way for people on welfare to spend their time.

A decade after the government set out to transform the nation’s welfare system, the limits on college are part of a controversial second phase of welfare reform that is beginning to ripple across the country. The new rules, written by Congress and the Bush administration, require states to focus intensely on making more poor people work, while discouraging other activities that might help untangle their lives. (more…)

Miami Vice by Xyborg

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Miami Vice by Xyborg
From ‘The Afristocrat’:

The only thing keeping me from the ticket booth is the near-certainty that this will be yet another dreary cinematic exercise in Black-White buddy copology in which the latter gets the best lines, most of the screen time and the classier women while the former brings up the rear by pimpin’-out every screen moment he gets, spewing the expletives to which only a “Ni**a” would stoop and laying the sluttier of the female species. Hollywood has always indulged in this sort of racial dynamic, setting up what appears to be an enlightened “pairing” of the races but one configured in a fashion that gives primacy to Whiteness. We see this in the Danny Glover/Mel Gibson partnership in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ franchise and again in the Morgan Freeman/Brad Pitt duo in ‘Seven’. Where they aren’t (relatively) evenly-matched as in ‘Vice’ the Black cop is invariably an older, wiser “authority” figure who ends up surrendering most of the film to the younger, sexier, brasher White cop and in this way Hollywood is able to project to the world its “vision” of racial comity: one in which Whiteness is always accorded pre-eminence. Now, mind you, this is the same J*wish-run Hollywood that has spent the last several days pounding its over-blown chest with indignation over the “anti-Semitic” remarks of one of the ‘Lethal Weapon’ co-stars and yet when one trawls through the anti-Gentile celluloid sewage with which these same J*wish cinematic shamans have filled the world’s theatres for the better part of a century it is they who owe the world an “apology”.

Feel free to post your ‘Vice’ reviews in the ‘comments’ slot if it turns out I’m wrong.

4 August 2006

The Problems with Racialism When You Are A Minority By CA Spears

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The Problems with Racialism When You Are A Minority
By CA Spears - Blogger at The Post National Monitor

Personally, I believe the two greatest problems of the 21st century both grew to prominence in the latter half of the 19th century, racialism and nationalism. The issue of nationalism inspired the name of my blog, so everyone reading should know I am an internationalist, but I will discuss those sentiments another time. The topic at hand is racialism.

There have always been various concepts of race thought out recorded history and I am sure long before. Romans considered themselves a separate race from Germans. The Greeks considered themselves a separate race from Persians and Celts. The English (primarily a Germanic people) considered themselves racially distinct from the Irish, Scots, and Welsh (all primarily of Celtic ancestry), although they all fall under the Caucasian umbrella, and more specifically can be called “white”. Even today you would not be hard pressed to find a Japanese person who would consider themselves racially separate from a Chinese or Vietnamese person, although to outsiders they are all Mongoloid with only slight differences in appearance. Still, the concept of race that is most commonly used in the Western world originated in the early science of anthropology which was heavily race focused, dominated by Europeans wanting to prove the superiority of their own ethnicities. (more…)

Russia, Racism, And Pushkin by Chance

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Russia, Racism, And Pushkin
BY Chance
Chancellorfiles Chance blogs at and editor of

Chance: Every since the fall of communism in 1989, Russia has seen a major increase in racial hate crimes. The Russian political communist system was replaced with Democracy and Capitalism, and for the first time many Russians got the opportunity to see how the western world (Europe and the Americas) operated economically and politically.

After experiencing the capitalistic system for a few years – many Russians preferred the old system of communism because in the communist system everything is provided for you basically Jobs, health care, education, salaries are set at a certain price and everybody gets paid the same, etc for many Russians this was a good system because the communist government chose your life style and destiny for you. In a communist system everything is predictable so there are no surprises. In a communist system the government provides everything basically.

But the CAPITAL system is different – in the capital system you create your own financial destiny, find your own job, housing, food, clothes, career, and find your own health, etc so you choose your life and destiny. Many Russians for the first time now had to make choices for themselves and they had to choose how to live their lives with out the government telling them, and many Russians found this frightening. The capital system is a part of democracy and democracy lets the person chose for his or herself.

Unemployment has rose among Russians because there were not enough entrepreneurs and investors in Russia who were experienced enough to create jobs in a democracy and capitalistic society. They never had to operate as free entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners in Russia with out the communist government having a say so in what they are allowed to do and not do.

And determining how much money the entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners were allowed to keep for themselves while the communist government keeps the rest. When Russia was communist they never had a billionaire when Russia became a democracy and started using the capital system that when business owners started to become billionaires in Russian. Some Russian business owners and investors became billionaires through oil (oil companies). (more…)

Coveting thy neighbor’s goods! by Jan Brauner

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Coveting thy neighbor’s goods! by Jan Brauner
Janice Brauner

What if your neighbors could extort money from you to use for their own purposes? Oh wait…they already can!

According to the Tax Foundation, “43 million Americans filed a tax return last year and owed zero federal income taxes after they took advantage of the credits and deductions available to them.” A significant percentage of these individuals actually received a net refund due to the EITC (something which many of us will only dream about).

In reality, the top tenth of all earners paid 66% of all taxes. (Perhaps this is why the top tenth get a larger benefit from a tax cut.) Walter Williams quotes the following from a Tax Foundation study; “there are roughly 122 million Americans — 44 percent of the U.S. population — outside of the federal income tax system.” (more…)

Black, White… And Green By BT

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Black, White… And Green


Met a guy the other day who is an official in St Bernard Parish in Louisiana. St Bernard is the Parish south of New Orleans and after Katrina…

A good portion of it just doesn’t exist anymore.

There were 67,000 people in St Bernard as of the 2000 Census, and between the storm surge and flooding, only 2 houses were left standing. Today there are fewer than 8,000 who have been able to re-establish residence.

Efforts are underway to restore the homes lost, and to rebuild the businesses - but there is another issue lurking largely covered up by the Brokeback Cowpinkie’s administration.

Those of you Web savvy enough to know about the geo-servers know that you can pull down satellite pictures of anywhere in the US. In some limited cases you can actually do it live. One of the quickly hushed “secrets” of Katrina was how bad the environmental damage actually was - many of the spills after Katrina were big enough to see from 22,000 miles away. Those links were shut down by the government when news services started using them to show the damage. The information was quickly “classified” and “Coasties” were ordered not to talk about what they had seen. (more…)


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The Nihilist State
By Xyborg blogger at - THE AFRISTOCRAT

When Israel, following the July 12 abduction of her soldiers by Hezbollah warriors, warned Lebanon that she would be bombed back to the dark ages if they were not immediately freed little did the world realise that the Jewish state had also decided to turn back the clock of modern, precision-guided warfare to the age of the carpet bomb. In a ‘You Tube’ era of instant global imagery and round-the-clock, in-the-moment satellite news the Israelis have conducted themselves as if the revolution in military affairs and modern media had never occurred. For we have seen a Jewish war machine behaving with a wanton disregard for the basic rules of good PR that would redden Nebuchadnezzar’s face with embarrassment.

When America was attacked on 11 September 2001 and Al Qaeda terrorists slew three thousand of her citizens in the coldest of blood she responded with far greater restraint and media savvy than Israel has displayed in the blood-spattered days that have followed the abduction of a mere two of her combatants. And for all of the sickening praise America has lavished on Israel for her biblical onslaught against Lebanon and her patron’s assertion that, had her own soldiers been abducted in like fashion, she would have “probably reacted the same way” the simple fact of the matter is that she almost certainly wouldn’t have. One only need view her conduct in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq to see that she hasn’t. (more…)

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