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About this site:

Dell Gines1. I added a new spam filter where you have to answer a question.

Shoot me an email if there are bugs.

When you type in the answer to the question what color is orange after your first post, the next post you post you will have to click the (CHANGE YOUR INFORMATION) under the leave a comment statement above the post.

I haven’t figure a way around this yet but I am working on it.

If your post are getting screwed please let me know right away. Thanks.

Hopefully we can get the board back to how it used to be.

2. This site IS NOT about being nice, being politically correct, nor making friends. It is about having a position, and opinion, a perspective or a way of viewing the world that you feel is important for others to know or for others to consider. People MAY dog you out. Don’t be sensitive.

3. The only things I CENSOR are comments above the PG-13 level and spam.

4. I ENCOURAGE guest bloggers as long as their post are well thought out and add to the overall dialogue of the board.

5. DISAGREEMENT AND DEBATE IS EXPECTED if you can handle that don’t bother.

About me:

I am from Omaha, Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers. The rest can be seen at


  1. Comment by XYBORG — August 2, 2006 @

    “I am from Omaha, Nebraska”

    Birthplace of the peerless, incomparable Malcolm X.

  2. Comment by Dell — August 2, 2006 @

    No doubt man. I live about a half a mile from his birth site that they are trying to redevelop.

    Everywhere I work I bring my big framed print of him and Frederick Douglas and hang them in my office.

  3. Comment by mark bey — August 2, 2006 @

    Yo Dell what print is it, is it the one in color where he was in some middle eastern country kneeling.

  4. Comment by Liam Brent Kelly — November 21, 2006 @

    Comments censored by USAToday when they solicited comments on O.J. Simpson having his show & book cancelled: ‘How I did it’

    I really think that the threat of a very real boycott of FOX is what caused this book/show to be cancelled.
    That speaks well of everyone involved and must be honored just as the previous situation with both going ahead cast everyone involved who would not boycott such a pervertion of the first ammendment/freedom of the press in darkness, Even if you honor your bottemline some good and honor can occur, so their is that on Fox’s side. I would like to point out that if the book had been written by O.J. explaining the case from his perspective and shed any light at all on the improprities of the police/ prosecution ect. such that some truth could emerge than a book about “how he was framed” or explaining his actions on the day and after would have been fine. Mark Furman planted evidence and he should be executed under the II ammendment for that because at the root of this case is the overthrow of justice and that is intolerable. If O.J. is guilty than the ’societal life sentance’ he has is fine and he really belongs in jail but if he is innocent and is unable to deal with everyone on earth thinking he is guilty when he isn’t- it is an intolerable injustice and abuse. Mark Furman deserves to die. When the day arrives that you have to break the law to enforce the law-it is time to get a new job. For those of you who are parrots and would repeat anything you should check the facts of the case: it really has muddied the water- so don’t blame the judge or the jury: you can blame the lawyers who can’t see the lines between unrestrained advocacy and criminal behavior-AND THAT IS BOTH SIDES! Again you definitely can blame furman- he is getting rich and he is the one responsible for overthrowing the legal system from the inside. The second ammendment isn’t for Lincoln/ JFK/ RFK/ MLK/ Medgar Evans et al…IT IS FOR NI66ERS LIKE MARK FURMAN.

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